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Corporate Knights: the magazine for clean capitalism

November 3, 2010

Corporate Knights

I was recently introduced to through one of my classmates from business school. It’s a really interesting piece of business journalism. I had looked at its website, and then one day I picked up my copy of The Globe and Mail and Corporate Knights fell out. The magazine’s Fall 2010 issue was distributed with an October issue of The Globe and Mail.

This season’s issue has a health focus. Toby A. A. Heaps, Corporate Knight’s Editor-in-Chief, has written a feature called ‘The Killer Kernel’ on the pervasiveness of corn in our diet.  I had heard this before, but Heaps presents some really compelling facts: corn is in coffee whitener, canned fruit and ketchup. There are more than two trillion corn plants grown each year in Iowa. Heaps points out that is about 300 plants for each person on Earth.

Growing corn makes good business sense, Heaps has found. It’s cheap and grows quickly. But it may not be good for our health. Heaps says corn is “blowing up our waistlines” with empty calories. Heaps reports that two thirds of the direct costs to the Canadian health care system are related to diet-related diseases (stroke, cancer, diabetes …).

I respect Corporate Knights’ approach to this issue because they acknowledge the economic and corporate forces at play here. It’s an intelligent read rather than just a rant about how giant corporations are out to kill us.

For Heaps’ article see

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