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The ImmPression

November 10, 2010

Our class has created its own publication! It’s called The ImmPression and we focus on topics of interest to immigrant communities in Ottawa. Here is is at

My first two assignments were very different. First was one on marriage fraud. I crammed the story together in less than 24 hours, so I didn’t get to interview any of the victims, which would have added a lot more colour to the story. I was supposed to write a background on the issue, so I learned a lot about the significant problem affecting Canadians. My sources were mostly from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canadian Border Services Agency. CIC was especially helpful so it was nice to deal with them. I will post the article in my portfolio.

I also went to Zaphod Beeblebrox in the Market to see Septeto Nacional in concert and grab some photos. They are a Cuban Son band and they blend African rhythms with traditional Spanish songs – a musical representation of diversity and integration. It was a fun night, if rather stuffy and hot inside Zaphod’s. I’ve posted some of my photos below.


Julio Martinez Hernandez moved almost constantly throughout the performance. His maracas kept the beat for the rest of the band.

Septeto Nacional

Members of the audience crowd the stage under El Raspa, Dagoberto Sacerio Oliva and Julio Martinez Hernandez. Some in the audience broke out into salsa dance.

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