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winter in the city

February 1, 2011

Ottawa is a kind of pseudo-city. Yes, it is urban in some ways – almost a million people live here, there are multiplying condo developments, a huge downtown mall, too much of homelessness … But so much about the city leans toward outdoor living. Last year for my birthday, my friends and I went hiking in Gatineau. It was about a ten minute drive away! It was a quick escape long not-too-well worn trails, the leaves were changing and it was beautiful. Ottawa natives have probably heard this a million times, but since I am still new here, it is amazing and exciting to me. Even more exciting is the canal – or, pardon me, the Rideau Canal Skateway.

In the middle of a city, we spent the afternoon breathing in what felt like clean, fresh air. Maybe it wasn’t as pure as I imagine, but the overall effect of spending a few hours outdoors when most of my days are spent in class, in my house, or in the car, was refreshing. Another check mark on Ottawa’s ability to deliver on non-urban weekend activities.

I went skating with Adam, which was lovely.  I fell a lot. The falls didn’t ruin my day – which, anyone who has seen the bruises on my knees will realize, is saying a lot.

I also had a chance to take some pictures. Surprisingly and fortunately, I didn’t fall on my expensive camera : )






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  1. adamday permalink
    February 8, 2011 2:58 am

    who’s that cool looking guy?

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